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The basis of web development starts from UI/UX which refers to as User Interface(UI) and User Experience. They are very often confused to be as one and the same thing but instead UX is the result of UI. The User Interface in a layman’s language refers to as the visual appeal, the ease of usage of a website. It is one of the most crucial tasks as it involves minute details of the graphics, designs, animation, adoption etc. It has to be a seamless process which needs precision, knowledge and planning. UX is the outcome of UI wherein designers have to work on the productivity feasibility and adaption of the product by the customers.It involves deep thinking with analysis of competitors and thus finalising on a product. As it is said by Don Norman “UX encompassed all aspects of the end users interaction with its company, its services and products”. To maximise effectivity of UX following are to be taken care of:

  1. Useful
  2. Usable
  3. Desirable
  4. Valuable
  5. Fundable
  6. Accessible
  7. Credible.

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UI / UX Solutions​

UI and Usability Testing

Our UI and usability testing solutions enables cognitive walkthrough, ease-of-use and control flow convenience.

Design Usability Audit

Our design usability audit solution focuses on analyzing Information Architecture, Content Inventory and Sitemap Analysis.

Interaction Design

We incorporate end-user needs into design and create unique UI design patterns of interaction according to the context of use.

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