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An integral component of any field is security. Maintenance of security is very important which can be internal or external security has to be maintained for the geographical corporate centres as well as for the servers and data encrypted in the same. Usage of strong systems is the key imperative here. Security of data starts from very basic login IDs of the staff to the very crucial data centres locking. All of this together comprises Security services. Security systems can also be IT-enabled and this is the next-gen technology we are working on to make safe systems for security of not only hard assets but soft assets.

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Identity and Access Management

With path-breaking advancements in technology such as M2M communication, BYOD and Internet of Things, productivity has grown manifold. However, it has exposed organizations to innumerable threats – both external and internal. This evolved landscape demands an effective identity and access management procedure that lets a business take complete advantage of technology while safeguarding its assets from unwanted exposure and meeting regulatory requirements.

Data Protection & Privacy

Devising data protection strategies in the age of the iPad and malicious insiders is challenging and requires highly skilled professionals to conceptualize and deploy end-to-end data security. We help create a roadmap for enterprises, offering various engagement models that optimally uses IT security solutions to achieve maximum protection against data breaches.

Cyber and Infrastructure Security

Cyber security is one of the greatest challenges of our times. Enterprises need effective cyber security solutions to monitor and provide real-time visibility on a myriad of business applications, systems, networks and databases. This is exactly what Happiest Minds offers with advanced IT security services.

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