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The process of innovation, creation, solutions and an outcome in simple terms is Product Engineering. The development of a product using technology, integration, hardware systems when processed together then a proper product life cycle is known as Product Engineering. Usage of bots, enterprises systems various applications with the help of a great user interface leading to enhanced UX is the result of product engineering which goes through a lot of testings and validations before final roll-out of the product. Product development is a tedious process which also requires taking care of budget, timelines, bug free yet enhanced solutions. All of these products churn out through continuous tests and rigorous process to create the end result.

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Product Development

We assists customers to develop their products from ART-to-PART. SDLC corp with its wide range of experience and years of experience brings value addition to their customers for product development. Using the latest tools and technologies and being customer-centric initiates the process from Ideation to providing futuristic Architecture for the products. We also provides services for appropriate hardware selection whilst designing the software for the same.

Product Verification and Validation

We provide independent product Verification & Validation services as part of our Product Engineering services. We follow a detailed Verification and Validation process. The Verification focuses on ensuring that the product is in line with the design specifications and the Validation process examines whether the product is built to meet the operational needs of the user.

End-of-Life Product Solutions

Many software product companies have found that releasing a new product is often easier than retiring an old one. Outdated software is difficult to maintain and requires resources who are willing to work on outdated technologies. If not managed properly it could become a business risk for both software vendors as well as the users. We has successfully engaged in End of Life maintenance of products built on legacy technologies.

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