Decentralized Finance DeFi is an emerging financial technology which is grounded on secure distributed ledgers indistinguishable to those used by cryptocurrencies. It aims at cutting out the middlemen of everyday finances. DeFi is definite in nature as it dilates the use of Blockchain from simple value transfer to complex financial use cases.

Cases of DeFi (Decentralized Finance)

DeFi is an elementary driver of disruption in blockchain technology. It comprises of numerous examples which are as follows:

1.  Asset Management

The most noteworthy consequence of DeFi is that the users have more control over their assets.

2.  Compliance or KYT

It implies that the decentralized infrastructure would be more disquieted with the transaction behaviours and digital addresses than with the identities of the users.

3.  Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)

DAOs are one of the consolidated financial institutions equivalents. DAOs do nlot follow the boundaries set by the central agencies as it is decentralized in nature.

4.  Derivatives

It is one of the most interesting examples of DeFi as the tokenizing a derivative is the procedure to determine contract’s value based on the collection of assets. Derivatives can be achieved by using smart contracts as it creates synthetic assets.

5.  Insurance

Insurance is one of the crucial financial industries that has proven to be one of the most leading DeFi cases. In addition to this, with the administration of smart contracts, all the issues with the current system can be solved.

What are DeFi  Lending Platforms?

Decentralized Finance, commonly known as DeFi, is a Lending Platform where the customers can bestow as well as acquire crypto assets. In addition to this, it is a technique where the platform provides a loan to a borrower. DeFi Lending Platforms mainly focuses in granting crypto loans in a skeptical way as to allow the users to sign up for their crypto coins on the platform for lending purposes.

Working of DeFi Lending Platforms

With the existence of DeFi, the Blockchain has been expanded even more sturdy. DeFi loans entitles users to lend their crypto to another person and receive interest on the loan. Moreover, it allows the lenders to achieve high-interest rates. In addition to this, it works in four step  process:

1- The borrower commences the process by depositing the crypto assets as security.

2- The site pays out the loans through self- regulating contracts.

3- The borrower pays a divergent interest rate for borrowing crypto currencies.

4- The interest which the borrower pays goes to the lenders.

Benefits of DeFi Lending Platforms

One of the main and the biggest advantages of DeFi Lending Platforms is that it offers high interest rates. It benefits both lenders as well as borrowers. Apart from this, some of advantages of DeFi Lending Platforms are listed below:

1.  Transparency

DeFi Lending Platforms have a high transparency level.

2.  Permission less

  A user can become a lender or a borrower by meeting the platform’s requirements.

3.  No Intermediaries

The borrowers can borrow at low interest rates whereas the lenders earn higher rate interests.

4.  Better Borrowing Speed

It tracks the loan approval process in a higher speed.

Features of DeFi Lending Platforms

There are various features of DeFi Lending Platforms which makes this platform highly valuable. The features include:

1.  Flash Loan

Flash Loan is a pronounced feature for both borrowers as well as the owners of this platform. Through the help of this feature, DeFi Lending Platform allows the users to borrow the loans without any security.

2.  Rate Switching

This feature plays an important role as it offers the owner to switch between stable and variable interest rates.

3.  Automated Yield Farming

This feature of DeFi Lending Platform helps users in improving yield returns.

Enumeration of DeFi Lending Platforms

There are numerous top DeFi Lending Platforms which includes:

1.  AAVE

It is one of the well known platform where an individual can participate as both, that is as a lender as well as a borrower. In addition to this,. Moreover, this platform was commenced with a $60,000 value of ETH tokens.


It is one of the best DeFi Lending Platform which was launched in the year 2015 in order to overcome the regularity of the crypto currency. Additionally, this platform contains more than $7 billion tokens which are locked in smart contracts. 


It is one the esteemed decentralized exchanges which helps the users in swaping between ETH and ERC-20 token. One of the best things about UNISWAP is that it does not contain any limit regulations. This platform emerged in 2018 and now there is $ 4 billion worth of Ethereum token encompassed in UNISWAP liquidity pools. In this platform, the swaping of the token is done in a very smooth as well as unharmed manner.


  This platform authorizes borrowers and lenders to firm their crypto assets into the contract. It is rooted on the Ethereum blockchain which provides digital asset holders to borrow and lend crypto  against security. Apart from this, this protocol allows the users to take out over-collateralized loans and maintain several assets.

5.  InstaDApp

 It is a well-founded smart wallet for decentralized finance and the best thing about this platform is that it is multi-purpose by nature, as with this platform, a person can get various services such as lending, borrowing as well as swaping. Moreover, this platform of DeFi is very unique in essence as it helps the users in the process of enhancing the position of assets and therefore, gets the best returns.

Procedure of Investing in DeFi?

The steps and the tools which are followed in order to invest in DeFi are as follows :

1. Prepare a wallet

2. Purchase crypto coins

3. Get started with protocols

4. Track your DeFi Investments

5. Track your Portfolio

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DeFi loans entitle users to lend their crypto to another person and receive interest on the loan. Furthermore, it offers high-rate interest.