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PR The term basically means Public Relation, in todays time when there is a lot of competition every company wants to control the public opinion of it directly or indirectly. When customer is the king the company wants the customers to know all the good things happening in the company and hide all the other trivial thing. Here comes Public Relations Management in any company which is a different management altogether to protect and promote the image of the company in the customer’s mind. For the same the PR Management of the company controls and regulates some of the internal as well as external functions of the organisation. These include:

  1. Press Relations
  2. Publicity of the product
  3. Effective Communication
  4. Counselling and many more.

When what people think about our brand has become so important it is the responsibility of the PR Management to carry out its functions with utmost care so that the brand image grows at a large level. The PR Management specially plays a major role when there is a new product release by the brand or there is some news which the company doesn’t want to bring in forward directly but yes it wants its customers to know. Therefore this department has a major role and has great scope so the corporates should definitely invest in the same.

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Public Relations

Public Relations is amongst the specialized services of Column Inches, which provides focused and high-impact media engagement solutions, which help its clientele build a favorable and long-lasting relationship with the country’s extensive media universe.

Crisis Management

PR is built on the premise of collaborating with influencers, which eventually results in goodwill over a period of time. Journalists play a crucial role as influencers in the media domain.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

The digital revolution has opened the flood gates for evolving digital marketing formats that are resulting in vertical specializations.

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