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Maintenance of volumes of business for any organisation needs a strong, robust and backup driven Infrastructure Management. Infrastructure Management encompasses the basic operational units that build an organisation data wise together. It includes software, hardware, computer services, security etc which are mandatory for the day to day operations of the organisation. Infrastructure Management Services is the backbone, which runs with the help of a team taking care of:

  1. Assets
  2. Networks
  3. Security
  4. Updations
  5. Storage
  6. Operational Capacity etc.

In the times of expansion of business it is all the more important to have robust IMS which can surpass geographical boundaries. To improve outcomes in this arena, Remote Infrastructure Management Services(RIMS) concept has been introduced which refers to as a small team at every corporate centre to take care of infrastructure at that location in consultation with the Head Office IMS team. This is an extra cost to every organisation and thus depending on various factors-RIMS can be in house or an outsourced asset.

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Systems Management

Systems management covers a wide range of key activities within the overall context of IT infrastructure management, as it includes the administration of all IT assets normally found within a data center.

Network management

Network management is the discipline of managing security networks. IT security and operations analysts manage and configure networks to ensure that resources are properly allocated to applications and services where the are needed, and that the quality and availability of services are maintained.

Storage Management

Data storage space is a limited and valuable asset for IT and business organizations. Therefore, a critical aspect of IT infrastructure management is the oversight of data storage technologies and resources, such as virtualization, storage provisioning, data compression and data security.

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