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Integrating Enterprise Apps

The amalgamation of all systems for the automation of business processes refers to EAI. Enterprise Solution System serves all domains of any organisation like CRM, EMS, OMS, HRMS etc.Installation of EAI Systems enhances the overall goodwill of a company in front of all the stakeholders. EI as the name suggests is the centre of all the systems wherein all the applications are connected to EAI. All these operate in silos as different units and are intertwined by EAIs. As the expansion of business continues, EAI sometimes fails as all the data is at a centre point thus a new module has been created known as Bus Module wherein the major components are grouped together and then joined at a central hub this many sub centres are created reducing the chances of failure.

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No need to reinvent the wheel when there are so many available API-based systems. Just let Magic provide you with a doorway to a limitless number of technologies

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Reduce the complexity of your organization’s technologies by using our Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) friendly integration platforms

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Integrate your systems, apps and devices to improve the visibility and availability of your business critical data, helping management make better informed decisions

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