LinkedIn Marketing to Target CXO’s of MNC

LinkedIn is one of the popular sites for all professionals across the world. Unlike Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, LinkedIn is a more professional and serious networking site for connecting people who are interested in professionalism. As per the data, approx more than 400+million user’s access to LinkedIn networking sites. From providing banner ads to the job posting everything related to professionalism is presented on LinkedIn. Posting an accurate job with specific requirements minimizes the time of giving interviews and then shortlisting them rather here, employers can have direct communication of the interested applicant and then they can be shortlisted accordingly.

LinkedIn promotion

As many people know that the people who are at the CXO level do not spend their time on social media and gossip to others rather they devote their valuable time in something productive. LinkedIn targets the people as per designation and then connects them to the required connection.

Below are the ways of targeting people done by the LinkedIn:

  1. Demographic Targeting:

It is compulsory for every LinkedIn user to mention their age while making their account. So, as per the age groups LinkedIn targets the people. Even, this concept is not present in Google as it only has the option of Male, Female and others.

  1. Designation Targeting:

 People are targeted on the basis of their designation so that it becomes easy to connect the right people to the company. People are at CEO, Vice President, President, Managing Director, COO, CFO, CTO etc i.e those who are at CXO level are targeted.

  1. Company Targeting:

People are target on the basis of the companies where they work. For example: If they want to target people of Mumbai then those who are working at the Project Manager, Manager, Software Developer etc in the famous companies like TCS or Infosys so they are reached first by LinkedIn.

  1. Estimated Audience Reach:

If people are targeted based on any objectives then a specific agenda is decided and then accordingly people are targeted. For example; if it wants to target people of specific companies, specific location, age group, gender, any specific designation etc then based on only those specific option people are targeted. It is quite shocking to know that this feature is not available on any other networking site not even in Google.

It runs advertisement to run B2B marketing. Many of the fields does not prefer LinkedIn to run their advertisement like Media, Entertainment, Vendors, Fashion, Lifestyle, Sports, etc rather it is more preferred by the Digital Marketers like Real Estate, MNC’s, IT, SaaS, Cars, Luxury Accessories etc.

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There is no doubt that LinkedIn is one of the best professional networking sites across the world but still, it has some of the loopholes like it does not have the option of Radius and Device Targeting of the people. It shall also allow users to promote their advertisement directly. With certain improvements, LinkedIn is one of the best ways to reach CXO’s of MNC’s.

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