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Anyone who has their website can easily understand the concept of Search Engine Optimization. It is the method of pushing the rank of website higher on search engines so that the right customer can reach to the website quickly and easily.

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There are some of the ways through which you can push your rank higher on the search engine. One of the ways is by paying some amounts but it is quite expensive and everyone cannot afford this. One of the easiest and organic ways of pushing the rank is listed below:

  1. To understand the need and want of the customers:

The company shall list down the words and phrases which the customer uses to look for the product on the search engine. Listing down the keywords will make your understanding in more of the organized form and it will make easy to push your rank.

  1. List down diverse keyword research:

Companies have to research that what keywords are being used by the customers on their competitors search engine of the same product and then it shall be applied on their website which will give effect on increasing the rank of the website.

  1. Understanding the localized keyword search:

This can be explained by an example: Suppose if a person is living in Delhi and he is looking for the best photographer and then he searches ‘best wedding photographer’ and the list of photographers of all India appears which is not helpful for him. So, localization of keyword search is necessary for pushing the rank.

  1. Research Competition:

The Domain Authority and Page Authority have to research about the entire search engine history of the competitors so that all the necessary points can be listed down and present loopholes can be eliminated and can make the website better than the competitor’s one.

  1. Update your HTML:

Updating on the website requires implementing the changes on the HTML i.e. on the H1 and H2 title tags which are tags of the main title and secondary title respectively. Relevant keyword shall be inserted on the HTML. In this way, using keywords on the URL’s which improve your website’s ranking.

  1. Building the links:

Inbound Links, Outbound Links, Backlink plays an important role in increasing the rank as they directly or indirectly connect the link of your website to the other relevant quality webpage.

  1. Start Blogging:

Regular updations of some blogs and posts will directly push your website’s rank above on the search engine as people continuously look after the posts and articles. People need some valuable information, they have queries, so for this, they look after the blogs and articles and this will increase the number of click on your website.

  1. Tracking the Rank:

As the companies have done its research on the keywords and optimization is also done then the companies have to track to its website’s ranking. This will show whether proper steps have been followed or not to increase the rank. If not, then proper research and correct steps have to be taken again.

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