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Digital Marketing as the word suggests is the marketing of the products and services via digital sources. When marketing of goods is done via the internet to increase the page views of the websites and selling their goods or services through the computers itself is included under digital marketing. The various tools of Digital Marketing are Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing etc. To see it in a broad perspective digital marketing is the future of the market because internet has become the market. Branding is basically increasing the value of the brand, that is all activities which are diverted towards portraying the image of the brand and strategising ways to put forward the positive image of the brand. Nowadays branding of the companies is also conducted via the digital ways as it has a wide reach of consumers and efficient marketing can be done with the help of these ways. Both digital marketing as well as branding are essential activities for any business as with the help of these activities only can the companies sustain in this competitive world.

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