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Data Science is the emerging domain of analytics where knowledge is put together to explore newer results. It is the skill of mining, programming and analysing volumes of data. It is one of the most sought after studies today which can lead to great career paths. The usage of Data science can be expanded in every possible industry to derive valuable insights, finding newer business arenas, higher productivity, reduced costs etc. It is one of the most structured process which involves a maximum of unstructured data. The process of streamlining this unstructured data involves the following steps of the Data-Science Life Cycle :

  1. Data Collation It refers to as the collection of data from anywhere to everywhere. It is the first attempt towards finding data which is related to the problem at hand. The sources for this can be endless.
  2. Data Structuring As the heading suggests, it is distribution of data under various heads and leading to a few broad areas which can be taken into consideration for problem definition and solution creation.
  3. Algorithmic Analysis The statistical rules are implemented on the structured data created in step-2 to reach conclusions about the problems. Various models like SAAS, Python, SPPS etc. are used in this step by the data scientists.
  4. Solutions  The last step refers to as the solution which has been arrived at after the entire process and its delivery to the stakeholders.

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