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Data Analytics services provide by SDLC corp

Analytics Consulting

Our Data Analytics consulting helps to create an agile and responsive finance function.

  • Monitor Performance Management
  • Reduce the cost of finance
  • Speed up financial systems
  • Align people capabilities
  • Anticipated Financial Risks
Big Data

Bigdata services help companies to maximize their data value and achieve business goals with big data analysis.

  • Big data solution administration
  • Big data software updating
  • Adding new users and handling permissions
  • Big data backup and recovery
  • Performance monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Big data solution infrastructure setup and support
  • Big data extraction and management
  • Big data solution evolution
Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is a fully configured BI platform backed up by AWS and Azure for in-cloud business analysis

  • Infrastructure deployment and management
  • Fast access to intelligent insights
  • Predictable consumption-based pricing
  • Troubleshooting on the code level

Data Warehousing services include advisory, implementation, support, migration, and managed services that help companies benefit from a high-performing DWH

  • Data warehouse configuration and development
  • Data migration and data cleaning
  • Continuous support and administration of thedata warehouse
  • On-demand data warehouse configuration
  • Data Integration, Accessibility and Migration Requirements
Data Visualization

Data visualization consulting helps to reveal critical data to business users through visuals.

  • Reports and dashboard development
  • Data visualization optimization
  • Implement data security and data quality management
  • Data analytics and BI platform development
Supply Chain Analytics

Supply Chain Analytics helps plan and optimizessupply based on analytical insights.

  • Data Integration layer
  • Data visualization
  • Business and infrastructure for BI platforms
  • Offerings to design, develop and deploy enterprises processes

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