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In the simple terms, blockchain is basically digital information stored in public databases. Herein block symbolises the digital information and the chain symbolises the public databases. Blocks on the blockchain are made up of digital pieces of information. These information includes transaction dates, amount of purchase, the participants and a lot of other pieces of information. Blockchain is the future in the currency world and many big corporates have started trading through these blockchains. When trading through blockchain digital currency is used and no real money is involved in the same. Using the biotechnology when all participants reach an agreement it is commonly known as consensus. While using blockchain one thing which is very beneficial is the information is not stored at a single place and therefore there is no chance of corruption of the information. With proper understanding if trading is done it can be beneficial because when transactions are conducted digitally the proof of the same is there which makes us escape from the fraud which otherwise had high chances. Therefore blockchain is a safe and secure method of having transactions and can be entered into.

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